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★ 7 large privileges ★ Special Hall cake and weekday benefits ♪

★ 7 large privileges ★ Special Hall cake and weekday benefits ♪

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  • 7items
  • 15-35persons

Please use it for anniversaries, celebrations, birthday parties charter!

Course menu

1 ★ Special Hall cake ♪

2 ☆ Weekday 2 H → 3 H

Enjoy it all the while ♪

3 ★ Projector Available

Computer and DVD can be connected!

4 ☆ Lighting adjustable

You can direct us freely in the shop ♪

5 ★ Mike lending free ★

Sound, BGM can also be applied ♪

6 ☆ Mr. secretary's must-see !!

To ensure that you can use it with confidence for the first time,

We will support the staff who are familiar with the secretary.

Please contact us ♪

7 ★ relieved even if the end is late

We will arrange a taxi!

※ You can rent out at lunchtime ◎

You can use it in various scenes.

You will love the delicious cuisine inside a fashionable store ♪

It's no doubt that the secretary's shop chooses, the sense will shine!

Why do not you try using a rental banquet at the loose cafe?

I am waiting from the bottom ♪

Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

2018/12/21 update